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How can a mattress be plush with support at the same time?

Firm mattresses are recognized as ‘good for your health’, because they provide superior support for your spine. Plush mattresses are loved for their softness and luxury, which makes you feel cocooned and pampered. Usually you have to pick one or the other, but with Penzance you can have the best of both worlds.

Pocket spring support system:

Unlike traditional spring systems, where springs are attached to one another, Dreamland’s pocket spring system allows springs to operate independently. This means better cushioning, no roll-together and less partner disturbance.

Springs of specific firmness are allocated to zones to provide optimum support for key areas of the body – head, shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet. This system also assists optimal blood and oxygen circulation during night-time recovery.

Two-layers of luxurious comfort:

To relieve pressure points and help you to relax, Penzance has two comfort layers. The first is a 2.5cm foam layer directly over the pocket springs. This is followed by a generous 5cm foam pillow layer, which is fully secured around the perimeter of the mattress to create a ‘tight top’. When a pillow top is tight like this, you get softness with greater support. Also, there’s less chance the mattress will develop body indents as the months go by.


Birkenhead Base

While this is our most basic bed base, it has plenty of style and will collaborate easily with the other furniture in your bedroom. It comes with headboard bolts that allow you to attach any NZ standard headboard and the base has solid slats. If required, this base can be quickly dissembled for easy relocation.

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