Bed Maintenance and Info

Bed Maintenance and Info

Bed Maintenance and Info

Taking Care of your Mattress is important!

Most Mattresses come with warranties that cover faults however to ensure the best from your mattress there a few things to keep in mind and adhere to. 

Modern Mattresses from Bed makers such as Beautyrest and A.H.Beard are designed to be one sided. With a pocket spring core with comfort layers on top. Gone are the days of two sided flip mattresses. This allows modern designs to offer a more consistent and advanced comfort and support system. This does come with different expectations when taking care of your mattress. They must be rotated end to end in order to maintain the quality of the mattress. When your mattress is new rotate every 2 weeks for the first 4 months then 3 monthly thereafter. 

Below are some points to maintain the quality and to get the best out of your mattress.

Keep Your Mattress clean and dry:

We recommend using a quality washable mattress protector. Not only does ensure a clean mattress, most warranties require a clean and sanitary condition of the mattress. Air your mattress out by leaving bed linen off for several hours ensuring moisture and condensation caused by body heat is evaporated.

Spot Cleaning:

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently remove any solid material and mop away excess liquid. Use warm soapy water as a general cleaning agent. First test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area. Don’t saturate the fabric or interior with water or cleaner. Don’t use dishwashing liquid or laundry detergents. Dry thoroughly away from direct heat sources.

Check Legs and Castors:

After 4-6weeks the whole bed set will have settled. The legs and castors may need to be tightened. Loose supports for your bed frame will damage your bed and these damages are normally not covered in warranties. Re-check every 6 months.

Transport and Storage:

When moving your mattress carry flat or on its side. This is a job for two people. Limit bending and folding. Don’t stand or jump on it, bend corners or kneel on the edge. Damages cause through this may not be covered in warranty.

Keep Labels attached:

Don’t remove border labels and tags. The border label on your new bed contains information to help identify the mattress and help in the warranty process if needed.

Use proper bed support:

It is recommended you use a base design specifically for you mattress. Your mattress will last longer and feel more comfortable when paired with the correct base.

If you have any further questions regarding your mattress and or base please get in touch.