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Twins Mid-Sleeper Bunk

Twins Mid-Sleeper Bunk.  The twins mid-sleeper bunk bed is perfect for siblings or the social butterfly who often has friends around. This bunk bed offers a versatile build to accommodate kids who share a room, host visiting family or accommodating impromptu sleepovers your kids spring on you. It features a double sided build with cut-outs on both sides of the bunk bed to allow you to stand the bunk bed on its left or right profile. The window-like first step is built high for big kids to access the top bunk and keep little ones in the bottom bunk. Not only featuring a raised wall and high access points to prevent little kids accessing the top bunk, the bunk has been third party tested and certified to meet the AS/NZS 4220:2010 standards. Giving the Twins Bunk its highest safety rating so you can feel peace of mind knowing your children and guests are sleeping safe

L195 W97 H120CM



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