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Tamworth TV Unit

Rough and Elegant the Tamworth TV Unit by FbD brings rustic warm character to your living space. This timber used in the Tamworth Collection carefully selected for its natural imperfect look. Complete with Knotting, blemishing and rough saw marks. These all create a truly unique furniture finish. This TV Unit suitable modern living.

  • Dimensions W1200 D420 H530mm
  • Rich Australian Wattle wood grain
  • Telescope extension drawer runners
  • Unique wood finish
  • 3 Drawer, 4 Cupboard Design

Product Care:

  • Dust with a clean, damp, lint free cloth
  • Frequent dusting will remove abrasive build up, which can damage the finish over time
  • Do not use a very wet cloth or allow liquid to contact with the veneers for a long period of time. This can permanently damage the surface. Wipe up spills immediately
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaner or harsh detergent. This can damage the surface of the furniture
  • Spray polishes are best avoided. They contain silicones which may spoil the furniture’s surface when building up over time
  • Make sure all surfaces are protected from heat and liquids by mats and coasters
  • Ensure that a mat or pad is placed under paper when you are writing on the furniture surface
  • Do not place rubber or plastic materials on the wood finish as chemicals which may react with the finish if left in contact for an extended period of time
  • Our furniture will endure most temperatures in the home. It is best to avoid placing furniture next to heat sources such as radiators or fires. Be particularly careful with solid wood as the lack of humidity caused by home heating. This can cause damage such as warping, cracking or splitting
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause fading of your furniture

Quality Assurance:

Rigorously tested for:

  • Correct measurements,
  • Colour,
  • Wood moisture (internals included)
  • Load bearing and construction strength.

Available with Warranty, please click here to download.

About Furniture By Design

Furniture by Design are a family owned and operated NZ based company. With over 30 years in the furniture business their passion for quality furniture at great prices is stronger than ever.

More info about them and their larger catalogue can be found here


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