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Farmhouse 3 Drawer Bedside

What’s Farmhouse all about?

The Farmhouse Collection by John Young brings a country charm into your bedroom. With warm brown timber finish the Farmhouse 3 Drawer Bedside is a perfect addition to your bedroom. The farmhouse has solid timber frame on all sides adding to its authenticity and long term structural stability. These Bedside drawers feature easy-glide double extension drawer runners which allow access to the full depth of every drawer.  John Young offers fine quality and workmanship that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

  •  Bedside Dimensions: 560w x 400d x 700h
  • Double Extension Drawer Runners
  • Reclaimed Timbers
  • Rich Brown finish
  • Metal handles


Product Care

Taking care of your furniture is important, Below are a few key points:

General Cleaning

The best way to clean your table is to use a fresh, slightly damp (not wet) cotton cloth to remove dust or spills. Go over with a dry micro-fibre cloth.

Direct heat Sources

A casserole dish right out of the oven, a stew pot right off the stove and even coffee cups and other hot items should not be placed on your table without heat protection. All timber has a moisture content which, coming in contact with heat will causes swelling and surface blemishes. Always use placemats for hot items.

Direct Cold Sources

Cold drinks, flower vases and bottles of chilled wine can transfer water and humidity onto a table, leaving white rings if moisture gets trapped under them. Always use coasters or other pads. If you get a water ring, be patient. There are three things which help get rid of water rings: time, heat and oil. First, wait a day or two and see whether the ring will evaporate on its own. Second, put your hair dryer on low (blow it on your hand first; if it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, it should be okay), then lightly blow air over the ring and hope it will disappear. Third, rub with an oil-based product that can remove water spots.


  • Timbers – 2 years
  • Frame – 2 years

About Supplier

John Young Furniture (Dixie Cummings NZ Ltd) is New Zealand’s leading importer and wholesaler of fine furniture. From their beginnings as a manufacturer in the 1960’s. The John Young brand is now known reliability and quality.

Although their days of manufacturing here are now behind them, they have long standing relationships with overseas manufacturers and stringent quality control measures in place which enables them to still deliver the same quality that New Zealanders have enjoyed and expected from John Young Furniture for over 50 years.


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